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Autism Coaching Program

The Autism Training, Supervision, and Navigation Program is a 20-hour intensive family coaching that spans 4-6 weeks for families who have a child who has recently received a diagnosis or is demonstrating 'red flag behaviors'

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IEP Support

Lina believes in advocating soley for the child. She works to help parents prepare for IEP meetings as well as attend them to help navigate available services, ensure goals are written to match current assessments, and ensure that appropriate placements and supports are provided to meet approved yearly goals. 

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Behavior Consultation

Behavior Consultation can be on-going or just a recent assessment of strategies, interventions and programs that need to be tweaked to foster successful development across providers and environments. 10 hours is recommended for new clients. 

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Caregiver/Educator Training

Lina has trained families, caregivers, teachers, aids, districts and even larger insurance groups such as Kaiser clinicians. She firmly believes that if everyone surrounding a child is trained on successful strategies, then consistency of expectation can only yield greater success. 

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Education Consultation

Educational assessments via observation and meetings with staff is available when a child is in an existing setting, or considering a setting to attend. This can determine appropriateness of placement, need for support or need to transition to an alternate placement. 

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Public Speaking/Lecturing

Lina has presented to schools, districts, insurance companies, hospitals (Internationally) and even established parent groups in large tech companies across the Bay Area. Autism and Developmental differences need to be discussed and appropriate strategies discussed for both our young children, but also our young adults. 

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"Lina has been a game-changer for our family.  Even prior to my kids' official diagnosis, Lina worked with our family every step of the way.  She taught us how to work play and teach our kids, how to evaluate schools, and how to process our own feelings.  Essentially, Lina is like an advocate, school consultant, teacher, and therapist all rolled up in one." --Bxbcali SF 2022

"When we finally ended up at Lina's doorstep we were pretty beat up , confused and desperate. Lina turned this all around in about an hour. We left our first meeting knowing it was going to be ok. She has been our rock and held our hands the whole way.   From helping my husband and I find common ground and open communication to attending and advocating for us at our IEP meeting, and all things in between. Lina has been the most important part of our journey and most importantly our child's happiness and success." --Lynsie G. 2022

"We found out my younger son, Yi, had speech & fine motor delay when he was 15 months old. Early intervention started when he was 18 months old, followed by OT, ST, and PT. Then he got the ASD diagnosis at 2 and ABA started two months later. However, with all the help from all the therapists, no one was able to help Yi establish eye contact or help him learn to point. I got perhaps half a second eye contact with Yi in an entire month. Even when we had it, I was not sure because it was so brief - I thought it could be just me imagining things. Yi had many tantrums a day, very intense. He was in pain, we were in pain, every single day. When we met Lina:
Day 1: within half an hour, Lina helped Yi establish SOLID eye contact with me!! I almost cried! He saw me

Day 2: Yi started to point, thanks to Lina! Before meeting Lina, I felt so overwhelmed and didn't know what I should focus on. Lina helped me prioritize and establish a plan for the next steps.

Yi has transformed from a suffering child living in his own iron bubble to a cheerful little boy who opens up to the outside world. I can't say enough thank you to Lina! She took time to understand my son, and gave us individualized trainings based on Yi's unique needs. You can tell this is not just a job for her. It's something that she cares deeply and passionate about and she's highly competent. -- Y.W 2022

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