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Behavior Consultation

Child development is not linear. 

Skills and developmental growth can ebb and flow during the first 5 years of life. However, when there are proverbial roadblocks that inhibit or compromise development, we often see that children will either internalize that stress via isolation or externalize that stress via reactivity. This can affect relationships, social interaction, attention, and the ability to emotionally and physically regulate, which in turn can affect a child's confidence----not to mention that of their parents. 

Lina specializes in behavior regulation for children aged 0-6, by looking at the core of the behavior and providing both scaffolding and strategies to instill regulation and growth. Whether these behaviors are occurring due to anxiety, attentional issues, sensory issues, or a developmental difference, Lina aims to developmentally use a child's strengths to further develop areas of need to allow a return to a trajectory of growth that represents a strong and holistic picture of a child's individual capabilities. 

Autism Coaching

Autism Training, Supervision and Navigation

The Autism Training, Supervision, and Navigation Program is a 20-hour intensive family coaching that spans 4-6 weeks for families who have a child who has recently received a diagnosis or is demonstrating 'red flag behaviors'. Due to difficulties in accessing services or prolonged wait times for intervention, families should not have to wait to start to see progress and work to rehabilitate developmental skills that require facilitation. Currently, the program is offered via tele/video health due to Covid-19 allowing for ease of access and scheduling to fold into even the busiest of households. 

The Training Program consists of the following 4 phases:

Phase 1: Intake Session and Education (4 hours)


Phase 2: Strategy Building and Skill Development (10 hours)


Phase 3: Intervention Management and Advocacy (2 hours)


Phase 4: IEP Navigation or Educational Consultation (2 hours)


A Behavior Consultation report will be provided at the end of the program so parents have a detailed list of strategies to refer to and recommendations for intervention. (2 hours)


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