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Lina Fancy



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Areas of Expertise

Supporting Families Navigating Autism, Developmental Differences, and Behavior Challenges

The stress that occurs when a parent suspects that a young child is developing in a way that could indicate a delay or a disorder, is potent. Developmental disorders are mysterious to many since they typically do not incur characteristics that are physiologically observable nor carry discrete biological markers that can easily be identified. More importantly, delays can camouflage easily into the broad spectrum of child development. However, it is so important to recognize and identify these delays while a child is young and available and responsive to intervention. As important is the acknowledgment of stress incurred by parents during stages of identification and diagnosis and the need for family support.


It is critical that parents are supported in the understanding and accepting of a diagnosis, taught strategies to connect to their children, have the skills to navigate access to intervention, and aid in their child’s developmental advancement. For a parent, moving from not knowing how to navigate the situation, to actively having a roadmap to support their child’s development, can make all the difference!


Lina Fancy aims to empower parents to not only ensure their child is getting all the support and services they need, but also how to scaffold their development themselves so that they can do everything they can to holistically support their child’s success. After 20 years in Autism, and 12 years as the director of the parent coaching clinic Jumpstart, at the Autism Center of Northern California, Lina Fancy now guides parents to REACH, LEARN, CONNECT, and HEAL.


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 To work with Lina privately, contact information is provided, or submit an inquiry below for a free 15-minute consultation. At this time, third-party insurers do not fund behavior consultation.

Please note that intakes for Spring 2024 are now full. New families are being put on a waitlist and will be contacted to start in June 2024. 

Tel: 415-298-0902

2 FIFER AVENUE, SUITE 200, Corte Madera CA

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